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Dragon Ball X-tream

Cell vs. Frieza saga

Battle of the Villens

In the first seires of DBX Cell and Frieza get tired of waiting for the devils of other world to open the hole to earth but they have to wait for them to open it enogh that all the bad guys can get through all at once but Cell and Frieza want to train together so they can go through to control the universe. Broly Cooler evil buu Ciyon and Cell2 find out that they are going to try and take over the universe. so Cell and Frieza go through the hole closeing it behind them but them  then they get into an argument and start fighting. Frieza and Cell deside to split up and train so later they can fight eachother and whoever wins will take over the universe. the Z fighters have a very hard time at defeteing them and are basicly beaten. Vegeta even transforms into ss2 x2 and still gets beat. this all started at the end of series 1 and will end in series 2. series 2 will begen 11/26/04




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