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Dragon Ball X-tream

clone MOVIES


In evil clone Yugo saga an eivl clone of Yugo is made and attacks the z fighters. super saiyan 4 goku and super saiyan 4 vegeta get beat up and didn't stand a chance. after each fight he keep getting stronger he seemed invecable. when Gozu and Jeata did the fusion dance and made Gota the evil clone of Yugo told Gota his secret to his rapedly growing power. every hit and attack Yugos enemy makes on him his power clone Yugo is even stronger then ssj4 gogeata.


In the evil clone Trunks saga Bulma clones Trunks but the clone is evil and starts working for Frieza in other world but then evil clone Trunks desides to go on his own and destroy the z fighters.


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